Soy Baby Formula

Soy Baby Formula

Soy Baby Formula

Some babies have a very hard time digesting what is in most formulas. This can lead to a very unhappy baby due to colic and stomach problems. It can also result in them vomiting and having diarrhea. One option that your child’s pediatrician may recommend for you is to try soy baby food.

Some parents are very afraid to give their baby soy formula though due to false claims in society. There have been rumors out there in society that just won’t die down. One of them is that giving baby boy’s soy formula will result in them being gay. This is due to them having enzymes that are feminine in nature. There is no scientific evidence to substantiate such claims though. Yet too many parents aren’t willing to take a risk with it.

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There have also been reports that soy baby formula can lead to a child developing a form of cancer known as leukemia. Again, there isn’t any substantial information out there to verify such claims. If it were true soy baby formula wouldn’t even be allowed to be marketed.

Soy baby formula is a very safe alternative for babies that just can’t seem to digest other forms of baby formula. Some many have a food allergy and others may just have a very sensitive digestive system. For infants born prematurely, soy baby formula can offer them the nutrition they need without the painful side effects.

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Most retailers sale soy baby formula so you won’t have any problems finding it. You will find it is more expensive though than other types of baby formula. Still, no parent wants to stand by and watch their child suffer needlessly due to their current formula not settling well with them. Make sure you discuss changing to a soy baby formula with the doctor first.

They will likely give you some samples of soy baby formula for your baby to try for a few days. If that goes well and you aren’t seeing the symptoms that you did before with other forms of baby formula then it may be a long term switch. Very few infants have a hard time digesting soy baby formula but if yours does you need to let your doctor know immediately.


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