Nursery Setup


Nursery Setup

The most important part of any nursery is the crib. You want to make it safe and cozy. No matter what type of crib you get, make sure it conforms to all safety guidelines and standards. Make sure the crib mattress fits snugly against the rails, so the baby can’t get wedged between them. You also want to be sure the crib sheet fits snug and tight, nothing loose or bunched up.

Until the baby is at least a year old, you don’t want to use sheets or blankets. A comforter or quilt should be for decoration only in that first year. Make sure the baby’s sleepwear is clean and soft and appropriate for her age and for the weather. You don’t want them too warm or too light, as babies can’t regulate their own body temperatures at first.

Folk Floral  - WALL DECAL- flower wall decal - floral wall sticker - removable wall art

flower nursery wall decal, Folk Floral Wall Decal

Gold  Polka Dots Nursery Wall Decals


Gender Neutral Baby Mobile, Hot Air Balloon and Elephant, Travel Theme, Circus Nursery Decor, i80

Gender Neutral Baby Mobile, Hot Air Balloon and Elephant Mobile , Travel Theme Nursery, Circus Nursery Decor


The only crib accessory that you want inside the crib when the baby’s sleeping is perhaps a small, foam wedge that you can use to keep the baby from rolling on her stomach. Sleeping on her back or on her side is the position many experts recommend at first.

The sheets should always be fresh and clean; use unscented detergent in case your baby’s sensitive to fragrances.

Keep the room dust-free and the space underneath the crib clutter-free, so it won’t accumulate dust. If your baby’s sensitive to dust, you don’t want to trigger a bout of sneezing and a runny nose at bedtime or naptime.

Aztec Gold & Mint Tribal Baby Bedding | Mint Nursery Bedding

Aztec Gold & Mint Tribal Baby Bedding , Mint Aztec Nursery Bedding

Boutique Silk Baby Bedding in white and baby pink silk dupioni

Boutique Silk Baby Bedding in white and baby pink silk dupioni, Pink Princess Nursery Decor

Make the room and bed sheeting colors soft and restful. Too much color and contrast will stimulate the baby’s vision and keep her alert, just when you want her to wind down for bedtime or a nap. The baby’s room and crib should be soft and inviting places to be. She has busy days – there’s so much to learn and do! The crib needs to be a place that’s calm and restful for her.


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